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First list of Congress candidates before Diwali

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 01, 2013

Congress is in the mood of a Political burst before Diwali as Congress screening committee member and PCC chief Chandrabhan told the reporters about declaring candidates names before Diwali. Congress screening committee met in New Delhi on late Thursday evening to shortlist candidates for the assembly elections. He told that nominations for around 100 seats would be declared before Diwali.

Before flying to Delhi, Chandrabhan told the reporters in Jaipur about screening committee meeting will be attend by Ajay Maken and chief minister Ashok Gehlot. The meeting was held to review the earlier shortlisted names after differences emerged between senior Congress leaders over the persons picked up and the selection criteria.

As per Chandrabhan, the screening committee was likely to finalise single names for nearly 100 of the 200 assembly seats on Thursday so that these could be placed for approval before the Congress election committee (CEC).

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi is to preside over the CEC meeting on Friday. The first list of candidates could be declared anytime thereafter. Assembly elections in the state are scheduled on December 1, while the last date of filing nominations is November 12.

“Several rounds of screening committee meetings have already been held to shortlist candidates. Earlier, a list of 70-80 candidates was prepared, but now the first list would be longer. Congress wil declare most of its candidates before Diwali,” Chandrabhan told reporters at the PCC headquarters here on Thursday morning. He was speaking to media on the sidelines of a party programme to commemorate late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s death anniversary.

The PCC chief said his party has included grassroots workers’ recommendations to shortlist candidates for the coming elections. At the same time, the party also considered candidates whose names figured prominently in the various surveys commissioned by the party and its top leaders, he said. “We would field every candidate after thoroughly examining him/her,” Chandrabhan emphasised.

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