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Family to take Delhi gang-rape accused Ram Singh’s dead body to Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 12, 2013

The brother of Delhi gang-rape accused Ram Singh, who allegedly committed suicide, today claimed that he was murdered and said that he saw injury marks on his body and finger marks on his neck.

He also said the family will take Singh’s body to Karauli village in Rajasthan where the last rites will be held.

“My brother was murdered. I have seen injury marks on the body and finger marks on the throat,” the brother, who did not wish to be identified, said.

Meanwhile, the post mortem of Singh’s body was conducted at AIIMS in new Delhi today.

Singh was found hanging in his cell in Tihar Jail at around 5:30 AM yesterday and the body was brought to AIIMS at around last evening after completion of various proceedings.

However, the post mortem could not be conducted yesterday as Delhi Police could not submit the required papers to the hospital on time.

src: http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_family-to-take-ram-singh-s-body-to-rajasthan-brother_1810212

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