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Explosion In Jaisalmer Killed Two Kids

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 31, 2012

Two children were killed on the spot in an explosion on Saturday evening on Longewala route in the border Ramgarh area of Jaisalmer. The children, while grazing their cattle, found this explosive and brought it along with them. While trying to find out what was it, they started meddling with it when it exploded and children were torn to pieces.

Ramgarh police station officer Mukesh Chawda said that on Saturday evening Rahul (11) son of Aasu Bheel and Damodar (12) son of Sheraram Bheel were returning after grazing their cattle on Longewala route. In the meantime, they brought a bomb like thing. At the Longewala cross road in the shrubs, they were meddling with the bomb like thing and were heating it, when it exploded and both children died on the spot.

Police after registering the case have started investigations. Sources said that this bomb RL 84 was highly explosive and is used in firing from tanks. Around 3.5 kg in weight, the bomb exploded blowing away the head of one child.

Defence spokeman Colonel S D Goswami said that it will be difficult to say about the cause of the death or if they were actually handling any type of anti-personnel mines. There are many ammunition and explosives which are held by other security agencies and are common to all. The type, make, year of manufacture and issued to which security agency are few details which would assist in investigation process.

src: TOI

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