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Eco-friendly, Green state of the art Stadium in Jaipur shortly

by RajasthanDirect
Apr 04, 2013

An Indore-based architecture firm is all set to replicate Beijing in Jaipur. The firm has developed designs on the lines of Olympic stadiums built in China.

The state of art ‘green’ cricket stadium will use less water, optimize energy efficiency, conserve natural resources, generate less waste and provide healthier spaces for occupants. “The tenders of the proposed stadium will be finalised in next 15-20 days. We have already appointed Indore-based architecture firm to construct a green stadium,” said Mahendra Sharma, treasurer, Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA).

Estimated to cost Rs 125 crore, the stadium will have solar panels on roof tops to meet energy requirements of the stadium. Spread on 60 acres in Chomp near Amber Fort, the stadium will have fountain misters to spare spectators from agony of sitting in hot and humid climate. As per the claims of the architects, the misters will bring down the ground temperature by al least 7 to 8 degree Celsius. Other feature of the green stadium will include reflect-abled PDF coated tenso fabric.

A recycle plant for sewage treatment will be used for irrigation purposes.

The architecture firm has done a day light analysis to ensure energy efficiency and planned dual piping system for recycled water in public toilets. The stadium will be linked to tourism as well. “We have minimally disturbed natural ground which is a major criterion of green buildings. It will be a 60,000 capacity stadium with nine wickets. We have featured materials, technology and designing of the stadium to ensure that building is eco-friendly in all respects,” said Jitendra Mehta of Mehta and Associates, the appointed architecture firm by RCA. Mehta has proposed a museum, restaurants and shops that will be a major attraction for foreign tourists.

src: TOI

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