Drugs and Liquor Seized by Election Team in Rajasthan

Published on:07 Apr, 2014


Drugs and Liquor Seized by Election Team in Rajasthan

With the upcoming Lok Sabha Election in the country the Election committee and police staff have been fielded due to bribes and transfer of drug and liquor to people in return of votes. During routine checks for unaccounted money, narcotics and liquor, election expenses monitoring teams have seized cash amounting Rs to 3.25 crore, liquor worth Rs 11 crore, narcotics worth Rs 2 crore.

According to sources, for the last one month nearly 627 flying squads are active in 25 constituencies of the state’s 33 districts.”We also have nearly 610 static surveillance teams roaming across the state which are focusing on checking the flow of the black money during the elections,” a senior officer said on Saturday.

“Nearly Rs 3.25 crore cash, around 27,000 bottles of country made liquor, 6,000 illegally brewed liquor, about 1.83 bottles of IMFL were seized by our teams in the last one month,” the officer said.

On Saturday, the Jaipur unit of investigation wing of the income tax, Rajasthan conducted a search and seizure operation and seized a cash of Rs 25.54 lakh from an SUV. The static surveillance team recovered the money from Malviya Nagar area. “The person could not give proper explanation or documentary evidence in respect of the cash he was carrying,” an officer with the I-T department said.

Src- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/jaipur/Rs-3-25-crore-liquor-narcotics-worth-crores-seized-by-election-teams/articleshow/33306587.cms

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