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Dozen Houses Demolished By JDA

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 28, 2012

In a massive anti -encroachment drive against residential units in the catchment area of Amanishah Nullah, the Jaipur Development Authroity (JDA) has demolished more than two dozen houses on Thursday.

The enforcement team started the drive near Maharani Farm area. Though officials had to face strong protest, the huge deployment of police force kept the protesters at bay. Arvind Arya, superintendent engineer of JDA, said, “Following the high court directions, the drive to demolish the illegal construction was carried out. We have also given receipt to 10 affected house owners who will be rehabilitated. A rent receipt was also provided to the affected owners.”

An official said the team on Thursday razed four houses in Jagannath Puri, while 12 houses were demolished in Jagannath Puri area. “We have demolished six houses and the others partially. The drive will be continued on Friday,” an enforcement officer said.

During the drive, emotional outburst of the now homeless was a common sight in the area. Rajendra Sharma, an affected house owner, said, “The marriage of my two daughters is scheduled in January. I have not filled the consent letter given by the JDA for the demolition. All my hopes are shattered after my house is gone.”

Not quite happy with the state government’s rehabilitation policy, the affected house owners of the Amanishah Nullah area claimed that injustice has been done to them. Many owners also claimed that it has been a total loss for them as they have purchased houses from the housing societies after paying huge amounts from their hard-earned money.

Jagish Chaudhary, an affected house owner, claimed that the owners having big houses should be provided with at least 100 square metre plot. “The size of the plot decided is very less and not sufficient even for a medium family accommodation.” The state has decided on 50 square metre plots for the (APL) families. The affected house owners further claimed that the places mentioned in the rehabilitation policy are located in far-flung areas and as most of them have to travel everyday for work, it would be big inconvenience to them. “In the recent past, we have seen rehabilitees had shifted in the city and other places because the places provided were very far,” Jyoti Kumari , a resident of Kiran Vihar, said.

The JDA proposed rehabilitation for residents of Jotrdawala and Saypur villages in zone- 8, Aachrawala village in zone 11 and Mundiya purohitan village in zone 12.

src: TOI


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