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Directorate of College Education FB page for students and teachers to interact

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 03, 2013

Aiming to have one-to-one interaction of students and teachers, the department of college education has taken an e-route to reach maximum people with the help of social networking sites. The department has come up with a Facebook page where students and teachers or any other person can have a direct access with senior authorities of department.

This will also provide flexibility to the students for reaching out to higher authorities if they face trouble at any stage of their college career, without any wastage of time and complex procedure of sending letters to the department.

According to director, the Facebook page named as “ Directorate of College Education ” has been created by department authorities in order to ensure that each teacher or student concerned with the department should know what it is doing to get suggestions and discuss its upcoming developments.

“We have made an FB page to have a direct communication with teachers and students. It is not meant for general talks like good morning, good evening and filing any complaint. Through this medium, we will be able to share ideas, get suggestions or flash information about any new development or others,” College Education director Naveen Jain said, and added that if someone needs help on any topic, he or she can directly post the query on the webpage.

Notably, the department of college education is probably the first one in the education department to adopt this system with the help of social networking sites for reaching out to maximum number of students. Here, they can share any information with students or other teachers along with solutions to their queries.

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