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Dead Rat found in Alwar midday meal stock

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 24, 2013

The midday meal tragedy in Bihar has failed to alert agencies in the state. On Tuesday, a dead rat was found in the stocks of midday meal during inspection by government officers in a school in Thanagazi town in Alwar.

The inspection team headed by Suresh Bunker, sub-divisional officer, has inspected half a dozen schools in the villages of the town and found that the callousness of authorities concerned in handling midday meal stocks doesn’t stop.

“Excreta of rats were found in stocks of wheat and rice in all inspected schools. The presence of rats has also invited cats which have made the storage places dirty and vulnerable to diseases,,” Bunker said, adding that sacks of wheat and rice were found wet due to rain water. The team issued show cause notices to two teachers who were not available in the schools inspected.

At many places, girls students were found making chapatis and serving other students. The inspection team was also shocked to find that three women responsible for midday meals were not around. “It seems that teachers and midday meal staff has taken students’ work for granted. I am sure similar is the condition of other government schools,” Bunkar said.

Sources said irregularities in midday meals are not new and have been complained by students and parents on several occasions but were ignored. Since the tragedy in Bihar, the officials have claimed to be alert and said they are taking all precautions to avert any such incidents in the state.

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