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Damage control measures by Sachin Pilot in Ajmer

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 13, 2013

Congress party is in a mood of evaluation of the core reasons of humiliating defeat in Ajmer district since Union minster Sachin Pilot has parliamentary elections next year ahead. Pilot is taking feedback from the grassroot workers and also taking up damage control measures. The most astonishing results came from the Congress’ traditional bases of Nasirabad, Kekeri and Pushkar where the party candidates were defeated by huge margins.

The defeat of Congress’s Mahendra Singh Gujjar from Nasirabad constituency, which is a Gujjar-dominated area, is viewed seriously by the party. Gujjar lost to Sanwarlal Jat by 28,900 votes. Congress had never lost this seat in the last 27 years and had total control over the grassroot workers until now. Sources said Pilot is keenly studying the reasons for the change in the voting trend in this constituency he has a huge clout even in the remote areas of this constituency. “Even now, when Pilot visited the district, people here give warm welcome and they still have faith in him,” a party worker said.

The 2013 elections also broke the record of caste-based minority voting trend in Pushkar where BJP’s Suresh Kumar Rawat defeated Congress candidate Naseem Akhtar by 41,290 votes. This seat has the record of being won only by candidates of minority communities. “This is the constituency where Rahul Gandhi had addressed a gathering during campaigning and the party took it for granted that they will retain this seat,” said an analyst.

In Ajmer North, it has been proven once again that this constituency is the unofficial Sindhi seat and Congress made a mistake the second time by giving its ticket to non-Sindhi. In this constituency Muslims of dargah region came out and voted but BJP got good numbers of votes from this area too. “This is the first time when Muslims voted in bulk to BJP from this area. Last year, only 9% votes of the Muslim areas went to BJP but this time the got 36% votes,” a BJP leader said.

The seat was retained by dalit woman leader Anita Bhadel of BJP for the third consecutively time and she defeated her opponent Hemant Bhati of Congress by record a 23,158 votes.

In Kekeri constituency BJP’s new face Shaturghan Gautam defeated Congress’ senior leader Raghu Sharma by 8,867 votes. Here Congress dissident Babulal Singaria got 17,000 votes which is also one of the reason for the defeat Sharma. The Kishangargh constituency where Prime Minister Manmohan Singh inaugurated the airport just before the election code of conduct was implemented had also not supported Congress.

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