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Cultural Jaipur soon be a complete Wi-Fi hotspot

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 23, 2013

Outstripping the techno-savvy cities across the country, including Bangalore, culturally rich Pink City is getting sound on technical advancements too. After the inclusion of laptops and tablet PCs in the school bags, Jaipur is not far away from becoming India’s second complete Wi-Fi enabled city after Mysore.

Not just this, the city would be getting high in terms of security with addition of 1000 close circuit cameras (CCTV) to the service of police to make sure that the wrongdoers don’t escape unhurt. Meanwhile, spots for installing cameras are yet to be identified.

To put icing on cake and succeeding the 3G speed internet connectivity network, city may soon be enabled with ultrasonic 4G speed internet connectivity. This may provide high mobility communication up to 100 megabit/second in the high speed moving vehicles including cars, buses and trains. Beyond this, it would also be capable of providing a downloading speed up to 1gigabit/second to stationary users.

In a tie-up with the telecommunication giant Reliance, the state government would be providing the wireless internet connectivity to the denizens before or by the end of the year. However, it is still under the discussion that the internet availability would be free of cost or not.

“Wireless internet connectivity is expected to begin by or before the end of the year. The city would also be equipped with 1000 CCTV cameras by the end of the year. The cameras would be installed by Reliance which would also bear maintenance cost of these cameras. Whereas the software and devices enabling the monitoring through the cameras would be arranged by the state government itself,” informed Sharat Kaviraj, Superintendent of Police (SP), state crime record bureau (SCRB).

src: http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/RAJ-JPR-jaipur-to-become-a-complete-wi-fi-hotspot-soon-4328110-NOR.html

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