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Crocodile killed a teen in village pond Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Sep 01, 2013

A 14-year-old boy who was swimming in a rain-fed pond at Kotla village in Ganpapur area in Bhilwara district on Saturday was killed by a crocodile. The mutilated body of the teenager was found almost three hours after the incident.

According to the police, the victim identified as Deva had gone to his village pond to bathe on Saturday. “When he got into the pond a crocodile caught him and dragged him into deep waters,” said a senior police officer quoting eye witness.

Hearing the teenager’s screams, at least 50 villagers gathered on the banks of the pond, but nobody dared to enter it. His father and other family members also arrived at the spot.Soon a team of forest officials, police and divers rushed to the spot. “The crocodile had caught the boy by his lower part of the body and was not leaving it,” a forest officer said.

Forest officials planned to tranquilize the crocodile to retrieve the body, but the reptile went deep inside the water body. High drama prevailed when some youngsters wanted to go inside the pond but they were stopped by the police and administration as there was a threat to their lives.

The rescue team tried every tactic to recover the boy’s body. “Finally, after three hours the crocodile left the body. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was declared brought dead. The lower part of the victim was badly mutilated,” said Nitin Deep Blaggan, superintendent of police, Bhilwara.

Forest officials said they will chalk out a plan to take out the animal from this pond. Villagers said that two more persons lost their lives in the same pond last year but the officials did nothing to clear the pond of the crocodiles.

src: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-09-01/jaipur/41661892_1_pond-crocodile-water-body

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