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College Rivalry In Udaipur Resulted One Death

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 18, 2012

Old rivalry between two student groups claimed the life of a 17-year-old youth and left five others injured on the campus of a college in Udaipur on Monday.

The deceased identified as Jaypal Singh Mertia was a first year student of B N College in Udaipur and was a resident of Pali district.

Jaypal died on the cricket ground of M B College after being repeatedly stabbed by a group of students from MB Science and MB Commerce College.

SHO Satish Meena, Bhupalpura police station told TOI that the incident took place around 11 am when the victim and his friend got into a heated argument with a group of students outside the M B Commerce College on the Bhatta Road.

The argument turned into a bloody battle when the other group headed by one Dharmesh Tak called his friends, who were armed with knives, baseball bats and bamboo sticks. The group attacked Jaypal and his friend.

The duo, unable to find an escape route, ran towards the college’s cricket ground hoping that someone would come forward to rescue them. The rival group chased them on bikes to the centre of the ground and hit them with sticks. Seeing them screaming for help, the youths repeatedly stabbed them and left them in a pool of blood.

The duo was rushed to a hospital where Jaypal succumbed to his injuries due to excessive loss of blood. tnn

Furious over the attack on their friends, students of B N College reached M B College and thrashed the group members involved in the attack.

“The friends of the victim held them captive and informed the police,” said Pankaj Borana, president, Mohan Lal Sukhadiya University, Udaipur.

Four of the accused sustained injuries but were later declared out of danger.

Earlier on December 15, the student groups of M B College and B N College had clashed over a petty issue during the annual function celebrations of the former. The police had to be called to control the situation. Both the groups under pressure from authorities didn’t file any complaint against the other but had threatened to level scores in future.

Monday’s incident sent shockwaves across the colleges in the district. Many colleges closed down fearing violence. Traffic too was disrupted on main roads with several motorists taking a detour to prevent driving near the college campus.

src: TOI


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