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CM visits Pushkar cattle fair

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 25, 2015

Tourists and devotees, who are here to attend the Pushkar fair, were in for a pleasant surprise on Monday when they found chief minister Vasundhara Raje amongst themselves. However, it was Padma, the six-year-old white pony that fascinated Raje. She even talked to the owner and sought more information about the pony

Raje was accompanied by her granddaughter who is learning horse-riding in her school. The CM also talked to other cattle owners and enquired about their business. The CM was delighted to participate in the religious affairs. On Monday morning, she visited the Gwalior Ghat where she was welcomed by hundreds of women devotees. Gwalior Ghat is the place where her ancestors too offered prayers.

“She was delighted to be here and also enquired about facilities provided for the devotees,” said a priest. The CM also visited the Brahma temple. She also said that there should be more facilities at Pushkar during such occasions.Ajmer: Seventy inch long white pearl color pony Padma from Madhya Pradesh attracted the chief minister Vasundhara Raje on Monday morning when she went out to see the colors of cattle fair of Pushkar. Fascinated by the breed and height of the pony Raje went near the animal and patted her and also asked the price of the animal. Raje was so much fascinated by the pony that she garlanded her with flowers.

As Raje belonged to the royal family from Madhya Pradesh and also from Rajasthan, she is familiar with horses and also with different breeds. Her granddaughter who was accompanied her also ride horse in her school. Raje also went to the cattle owners and asked about the business they had this time.

Raje who came to Pushkar yesterday night was delighted to participate in the religious rituals. On Monday morning, she went out to the Gwalior ghat where she was welcomed by hundreds of women devotees. Gwalior ghat is the ancestral point near the lake where her ancestors had also performed prayers in Pushkar.

There were colorful rangolis and drums on ghats and also different instruments played to welcome the chief minister. “She was happy to see such atmosphere in Pushkar and the chief minister also talked with the devotees related to the facilities” said a priest. The chief minister also went to the mela ground and start looking for the animals that came in the fair. She also went to the Brahma Temple and offered prayers.

The white long six year old pony of Marwari high breed pony in the ground attracted the chief minister and she went direct to the owner and start asking questions, she also asked the cost of the pony and patted her, she also tried to counted the teeth of pony, “She was quiet attracted by the Padma and she talked lot about the animal and said that in her lifetime she also loved to have such pony” said Bal Kishan Chandel of Indore, owner of the pony.

Chandel said that he brought this pony three years ago from the Bedeshwar fair near Agra and he came to Pushkar on 18 November from Indore to sale this pony.

The owner quoted the cost of the pony as 1 crore and 45 lakh rupees, “There were buyers of this pony and offered 75 lakh but the owner declined the last bid” said the local agent of cattle in Pushkar.

Raje also went to different horses and asked about the rates and breeds which came to participate in the fair. She talked to the cattle owner about the business and also about the facilities provided during the fair. Looking to the chief minister roaming in the fair, tourists of different states of the country were astonished. Meanwhile while returning from Pushkar,

On this occasion, she said that more facilities will be provided to Pushkar for such occasions. Raje went to the dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti and offered prayers.

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