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Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot Inaugurates New University

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 21, 2012

Chief minister Ashok Gehlot on Tuesday inaugurated a university located at Laliya-Ka-Vass, Mahapura.

Speaking on the occasion, Gehlot said private players have contributed in raising the bar of education in the state.

The varisity’s pro chancellor said, “India is on the fore of becoming a world power by 2020 and to make this dream come true, we require institutes providing quality education. This university is designed to expose students to different scenarios preparing them to excel in the world.”

Educationist and vice-chancellor Upender Dhar informed that university will aspire to become the hub for research work. It is running programmes under two constituents-the institute of management and the institute of engineering and technology.

src: daily.bhaskar.com


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