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Candidates depends on astrologers for nomination filing

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 08, 2013

Ajmer district did not witness a sole nomination from any of its eight constituencies till now. Even the candidates named in party candidature list did not filed nomination yet. All are waiting for their astrologers green signal to file nominations.

Out of eight seats, BJP declared seven candidates names but all are facing their heads toward their astrologers to tell right mahurat for filing nomination according to their horoscope. Independent candidates are ready from all eight constituencies but stands firmly to move their stance after party candidates nomination.

BJP that has declared seven candidates is facing opposition from the aspirants and the party’s senior leaders are trying to cool them down. These defeated aspirants are threatening the party on the basis of caste organization. “Aspirants are not putting their eligibility or influence in the region but are threatening the party with the support of caste association,” said a senior BJP leader. Dissidents from Pushkar, Kekri and Kishangarh threatened the party and those in Ajmer north and south went out actively against the party.

In Congress, the aspirants are waiting for the list of candidates and making a last round of efforts to contact their sources in New Delhi. The list of congress candidates is important as this is the parliamentary constituency of senior leader Sachin Pilot.

While the BJP candidates are waiting for the right time to file the nomination, “They have contacted astrologers and are waiting for the right time to file the nominations. They are also preparing for a huge rally at the time of filing the nominations,” said a senior BJP leader.

The district election office is keeping an eye on the activities of the candidates and also the parties, “The code of conduct was broken in 15 incidents and we are investigating it,” said election officer and district collector Vaibhav Galaria. He said the aim is to conduct fearless elections and to make maximum people vote from all the constituencies.

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