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C-130J Aircraft Black Box Found

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 31, 2014


Recent accident of the C-130J plane crash in Alwar took ife of people which was on training with the other plane. The reason for the crash has not found yet but the Black Box of the plane was found which could help the investigators to find the real reason for the crash.

For investigating into the plane crash, two IAF teams have reached the spot. One Varun team has reached from Gwalior and one Raksha and technical team reached from Agra. The teams are collecting debris of the crashed plane. They have found black box of the plane, which would indicate the actual cause of the plane crash.

The investigating teams have recorded statement of local people. One of the local residents, and eyewitness living in Dhorta village Ramkaran Meena told investigating team that the plane was flying at low height but the other plane was flying at much more height. The plane which met accident started falling and it hit the ground causing fire and smoke. The other plane came back and left the place.

Src- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Black-box-of-crashed-C-130J-Super-Hercules-aircraft-found/articleshow/32926039.cms

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