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Bitti Mohanty identity confirmed by Jaipur prison officials

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 16, 2013

Bitti Mahanti was brought to Jaipur Friday by a team of Kerala Police to confirm his identity and dig out records of the rape case in which he was convicted in 2006. The team had reached Alwar Thursday after a two-day train journey from Kannur, where Mahanti was caught after nearly six years on the run.

In Alwar, where the rape was reported in a hotel in 2006, the Kerala Police examined the previous records in the Kotwali police station and Alwar court.

The team arrived in Jaipur to further record statements of the police officials, who handled the case in 2006. Mahanti was first taken to Transport Nagar police station and later shifted to the Jaipur Central Jail. Personnel at the jail were asked to identify him and also the investigating officer and others related to the case were called in with previous records to identify Mahanti, who had jumped parole in November 2006 and was living in Kannur as Raghav Rajan.

Sources said all the officials identified him as Bitti Mahanti and confirmed it with two identification marks on his body — a birthmark on his cornea and an injury mark on his leg. The Kerala Police will take Mahanti back to Kannur Saturday to follow up on the cases of forgery, impersonation and cheating.

The Jaipur Police will have to wait for a few more days to get Mahanti’s custody as the Kerala Police plans to take him to Kannur, Puttaparthi and Cuttack to piece together the entire case. Once that is done, the Jaipur Police will get custody of Mahanti and will be able to prosecute him for jumping parole.

src: Indian Express

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