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AR Rahman visits Ajmer Dargah

by RajasthanDirect
Oct 20, 2013

Rahman paid a hush-hush visit to the Ajmer Dargah on Friday evening, ahead of his live concert in the Pink City. The music maestro, alongwith his co-musicians, paid obeisance at the dargah.

Later, he addressed a press conference in Jaipur. “I have a strong spiritual connect with Khawaja Sahib. He is my Guruji. Though it was a sneaky visit, I was glad that no media was there when I entered, but when I came out I was surprised to see a fleet of media persons,” Rahman said.

He would be performing in the city today.

src: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/music/news-and-interviews/AR-Rahman-visits-Ajmer-Dargah/articleshow/24391119.cms

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