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Anasagar floodgates open before monsoon

by RajasthanDirect
Jun 15, 2013

For the first time the floodgates of the Anasagar Lake have been opened before the monsoon. The Anasager Lake, which almost overflowed during the pre-monsoon rains, is now touching corners of the roads. The district administration on Friday opened the gates to discharge about one feet of water. The gate will remain open for one month.

The gates were opened on Friday morning and water rushed to the Khanpura Lake. At present, the water level in the lake is 12.6ft whereas, the capacity of the lake is 13ft. “The catchment area of the lake also has a good amount of water and if we do not drain it out, then the colonies situated on the tip of lake will get drowned in the coming rains,” said an official.

District collector Vebhav Galaria on Friday called a meeting to release the excess water from the lake. “The committee has decided that the water level in Anasagar should not exceed 12.5ft,” an official said.

“The pre-monsoon rain last week again brought good amount of water in the lake as there was about 62mm rain in one day pushing up the water level by one and a half feet,” said the irrigation department.

Anasagar, which is situated in the heart of the city, releases extra water to various water bodies. In the north side, it gives water to Badi river which turns it to Luni River in Pali and Jaisalmer. On the south side, it discharges water to Pal Bisla and Khanpura Lake. If water remains for a long period then these channels also discharge water to the low-lying colonies.

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