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After Failed Rape Attempt Youth Set Minor On Fire

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 11, 2012

In a bizarre crime, a youth attempted to rapeĀ a 12-year-old girl inside her house in the presence of her two sisters and grandfather in Alwar’s Govindgarh area. However, when he failed in the bid, he returned two days later and set the girl on fire. The girl is now battling for life in hospital.

What’s even more shocking is that instead of seeking justice for the girl, the local village panchayat tried to get the youth married to the minor. However, the police arrested the youth and booked him for attempt to murder after the rape bid.

According to police, the attack took place in Sadampur village near Govindgarh. “Jaspal (21) barged into the house of the 12-year-old girl late on Friday evening. The three girls were sleeping in the room. He then attempted to rape the youngest girl in the presence of her two sisters. The girls’ grandfather was sleeping in another room. Their father was out of the village and their mother had died a few years ago,” said SHO, Govindgarh, Ashok Khatri.

The officer said Jaspal fled from the house when the girl’s sisters raised the alarm. “They started crying for help. Before anyone could react, he set the girls’ bed on fire and fled,” the officer said. He even bolted the house from outside before fleeing. The three sisters and grandfather somehow managed to douse the fire, but didn’t inform the police.

When the villagers came to know about the attack, a panchayat meeting was held in the presence of elders.

Police said the panchayat issued a diktat that the girl should be married off to the youth. However, the girl’s grandfather objected to this saying he could not give his consent since the girl’s father was not in the village.

“The girl’s family members said Jaspal came back again on Monday morning, poured kerosene on the 12-year-old girl and set her ablaze, after which he fled,” said the officer.

Family members doused the fire and rushed the girl to the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital in Alwar where her condition is serious. Jaspal has since been arrested.

“She has sustained burns. We got her statement recorded at the hospital in the presence of a magistrate. She is undergoing treatment. We have arrested Jaspal. During preliminary investigation, it has come up that the youth used to visit the girl’s house often,” said the officer.

src: TOI


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