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ACB Caught Deputy Registrar Red Handed In Bikaner

by RajasthanDirect
Jan 23, 2013

An ACB team in Bikaner caught red-handed deputy registrar of co-operative societies when he was taking a bribe of Rs 5,000 on Tuesday.

DSP (ACB), Bikaner, Anand Swami, said that Mahavir Prasad Soni, deputy registrar, was demanding Rs 1 lakh from a gramsewak Kalyan Singh towards regularization of his services and pay enhancement. Kalyan Singh lodged a complaint with ACB. According to the deal, Rs5,000 were to be given on Tuesday as advance amount. The complaint was verified and a trap was laid to nab the accused red-handed.

As per plan, Kalyan Singh went to the office of deputy registrar at Sahkar Bhawan on Tuesday at 12 noon and gave him the amount. When Soni took the amount in his hands, Kalyan Singh signaled the ACB which caught Soni red-handed. When his were washed, the pink color chemical came out as a proof of taking bribe and he was arrested.

Additional SP (ACB) Ravidutt Gaur said that dy registrar Mahavir Prasad was also caught in 2002 while taking bribe in Jodhpur. He said that search will be undertaken on Wednesday at the houses of Mahavir Prasad in Bikaner and Jodhpur.

src: TOI

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