AAP to launch protest against Centre land bill in Rajasthan

Published on:02 Mar, 2015


AAP to launch protest against Centre land bill in Rajasthan

A leader of AAM Admi party Yogendra Yadav said on Monday that they will hold protest and rallies across Rajasthan against the Centre’s new acquisition bill.

The protests will be held early this week and AAP district chiefs will gift a namak ki thaili;(a pouch of salt) to the elected members their Assembly and Parliament reminding them of promises they made to;farmers;and public before winning the recent elections, Yadav added.

Yadav also said that AAP is strongly against the land acquisition ordinance as it will not be suitable to farmers and others,. “AAP will remind all such elected representatives of;BJP;that they have come to power after eating farmers salt, now do not disobey that salt-oath,”; he said.

On a question whether he had any differences with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejariwal, Yadav said, “No and why…What ever creeping in media (specially electronic) was their own… none is related to me or anyone else at the party level.”;

Yadav also said that after AAP’s landslide victory in Delhi, it became centre of hope for “alternative politics” in the country.

Src:- http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-aap-to-launch-protests-in-rajasthan-against-land-bill-2065432

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