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A TV serial on Kalbeliyas life and struggle

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 22, 2013

Now a well known tribal community of Rajasthan, Kalbeliya community will be shown on small screen. Kalbeliya’s are famous for their impressive dance moves and stunning stunts.

The TV show ‘Saperan’, based on the life and struggles of a Kalbeliya girl, is currently being shot in a village called Chanwadiya near Jaipur.

The show, following the life of a girl Bhoori from the Kalbeliya community, shows her trying hard to break out of the community’s age-old traditions to live a life of her own.

Written by Shailesh Pratap Singh and directed by Anil Kulchainiya, the show aims to portray the struggles this community faces. The serial is being shot in beautiful locations in Rajasthan and has an array of interesting characters. Local Rajasthani actors Karamveer Choudhary and Kshitiz Kumar are playing important characters in the show.

The plot centres around Bhoori, who is shown fighting the shortcomings of a society ridden with myths of prevalent culture, and through her undaunted courage and determination, she emerges a winner ultimately as she eventually becomes a famous dancer.

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