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A Jaipur Post Office Employees Work On Sunday As Tribute To Kalam

by RajasthanDirect
Aug 03, 2015

Over 900 employees of post offices here worked today, a Sunday, as any other usual working day as a mark of respect to former President A P J Abdul Kalam, who passed away last week.

It was an usual working day in all 81 post offices of Jaipur and even postmen were on job to deliver mails in the city, Senior Superintendent of Post Office Dinesh Mistry said.

Over 5,000 speed posts and 6,000 to 7,000 ordinary letters were delivered today, he said.

Postmen were happy doing their job on Sunday to fulfil the message of Kalam, Senior postman at Durgapura Post office Narendra said.

Kalam died of a cardiac attack while delivering a lecture at IIM Shillong last week and his last rites were performed in his hometown Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu on July 30.

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