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14-year-old minor gangraped in Jaipur rural

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 16, 2013

The family members of a 14-year-old girl approached the police on Monday alleging that three youths engaged in road construction work near their house in the Govindgarh area in Jaipur rural gangraped her.

Police said the victim, a Class 8 student, was kidnapped from outside her house on Sunday and then raped. The police have launched a search for the trio.

CO, Govindgarh Sulesh Choudhary said two of the three youths were identified by the family members as Raju and Nemichand.

“The family members said that the three youths were engaged in construction and renovation of a road along their house. The trio kidnapped the girl when they saw her coming out of her house on Sunday and forcefully took her to an isolated place, about 2 km from her residence,” the officer said.

The accused took turns to rape her and dumped her at a nearby petrol pump. “The girl narrated the events to a few locals who, in turn, informed her family,” the officer said.

The two identified accused- Raju and Nemichand- are residents of a nearby village. “They had sought water and food from the family while working. They saw the girl on a few occasions and planned to rape her,” the officer said.

Police have raided the houses of the accused and other possible hideouts. “They are on the run. Some police teams are looking for them,” said the officer.

src: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/jaipur/14-year-old-gangraped-near-her-house-in-Jaipur-rural/articleshow/21093879.cms

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